Jan Peter Balkenende

Former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Professor Jan Peter Balkenende (born in 1956) was Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 2002 to 2010. He has been a partner at EY between 2011 and 2016, focusing on corporate responsibility, international affairs and areas at the interface of the public and private sectors. Since 1 July he has been External Senior Advisor to EY. Since 2010, Jan Peter Balkenende has been Professor of Governance, Institutions and Internationalisation at Erasmus University Rotterdam. From 1 September 2017 he will be a member of the Supervisory Board of ING.

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Workshop: International Advisory Board on Culture

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An outsider can make the difference

Since 2004 Rotterdam has had an International Advisory Board. In 2017 a special Expert edition The IABx in Culture will take place. Jan Peter Balkenende, former Prime Minister of the Netherland is chair of this IAB and will lead this workshop.

Why an IABx on Culture?

Rotterdam underwent enormous development on various fronts over the past five years. Its image has greatly improved, both nationally and internationally. The ambition of both the cultural sector and the city is to strengthen Rotterdam’s position as a national and international cultural hotspot as well. How can we improve Rotterdam’s visibility on the map as a cultural destination? That is why the “IABx”, will be dedicated to the cultural sector. In the last decade the IAB has proven to be an instrument having major impact; “an outsider can make the difference” (see www.iabrotterdam.com):

The workshop

The workshop consists of two parts. In the first meeting you will learn about the why and about the results of this IABx and in the second meeting we hope that you will share your knowledge and experience with us. We are convinced that your comments on the findings of the IABx and your insights can add much to the quality of the final recommendations, This workshop is part of the total process of the IABx and the results of this workshop will be used in formulating the final recommendations in October.

In the first workshop Jan Peter Balkenende will elaborate on:

  • the importance and results of an IAB in general
  • the process of this IABx
  • the finding, the recommendations of the first meetings of the IABx

There will be a second workshop on Wednesday 28 June for those who attend the first session from 2.30-3.30pm at de Doelen in Ruys Zaal room.

The workshop will be hosted by Mirjam van de Kamp, Rotterdam Partners.

Please pre-register for this event via the booking form.