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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

Chief Digital Information Officer
Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander is the Chief Digital Information Officer for The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA). As CDIO, Jane is responsible for creating awe-inspiring and iterative digital projects supporting a vision of innovation, technology implementation, and digital transformation that exemplify the CMA’s mission. Since 2020, Jane has brought this same innovative thinking to the museum’s increased online presence in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

In her tenure at the museum, Jane has moved the museum to be a data-driven, forward thinking institution. Under her leadership, the CMA launched a comprehensive Open Access initiative in 2019, allowing the public to share, collaborate, remix, and reuse high resolution images of 30,000 public-domain artworks as well as metadata for 61,000 artworks for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Jane has led the many iterations ARTLENS Gallery, originally known as Gallery One. This world renowned, innovative experience uses cutting-edge technology to inspire visitors to look closer, dive deeper, and connect with the museum’s encyclopedic collection.

Jane leads the development of in-gallery digital experiences, including Revealing Krishna, an unprecedented, immersive mixed-reality exhibition opening in 2021, with an entirely new museum experience where technology is used alongside exceptional Cambodian artworks, to tell the story of these objects and their restoration. This will be the first scholarly exhibition of its kind.

Prior to joining the CMA, Jane developed and directed Columbia University’s acclaimed distance education program, and developed university-wide resources for instructional technology and methodology. Jane has served as the technology director and design consultant to Frank Gehry’s Peter B. Lewis Campus at Case Western Reserve University and as the virtual CIO to Great Lakes Science Center. Jane holds a BA in Architecture and a BS/MS in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University.

Jane Alexander