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Jane Cockroft

Jane Cockroft

Head of Interpretation and Digital Content
Ashmolean Museum

My role as Head of Interpretation and Digital Content at the Ashmolean Museum involves collaborating with colleagues across the museum, and with external partners and stakeholders to create engaging, varied and audience-focused in-gallery and online content.

I’m fascinated by what makes museum experiences memorable and emotionally engaging for audiences, and the many ways in which visitors learn from and respond to different kinds of storytelling.

I’m keen to maximise opportunities for interaction, dialogue and creative response, and have particularly enjoyed working with young animators over the past few years to bring Ashmolean collections to life.

My previous learning and interpretation roles have included working with family audiences at the Ashmolean, developing digital content for The Story Museum, and managing learning and event programmes at Handel House Museum (now Handel and Hendrix in London).

Jane Cockroft