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Javier Sainz de los Terreros

Javier Sainz de los Terreros

Digital Communication Manager
Prado Museum

Javier Sainz de los Terreros has worked for over a decade as the Digital Communication Manager at the Prado Museum. He manages the museum’s social media content strategy and leads projects to connect the museum with its audiences.


Javier Sainz de los Terreros will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

The Prado Museum Approach to Social Media

Since 2017, the Prado Museum has been creating live videos every morning, providing commentary on various artworks and offering a glimpse into the institution’s daily activities.

Different museum professionals showcase their daily work or discuss some of their favourite pieces while aiming to provide accessible and high-quality content.

The Prado’s videos on TikTok and Instagram have received international recognition and have helped bring the museum closer to society.

After producing over 1000 videos, we have built a dedicated and diverse community of followers eagerly anticipating each morning’s video.

Javier Sainz de los Terreros