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Jennifer Blunden

Jennifer Blunden

Creative Producer
State Library of New South Wales

Jennifer Blunden works and researches in the museum and cultural heritage sectors, with a longstanding focus on communication, accessibility and public engagement.

In her current roles as a creative producer in the exhibitions and design team at the State Library of New South Wales and industry fellow/research associate at the University of Technology Sydney and University College London, she draws on the latest research into how we make meaning to create exhibitions, related projects and collaborations that connect audiences to collections and their stories – as well as their silences and biases – in ways that are relevant, compelling and empowering.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Wednesday, 8 December 2021

‘Thank you and bravo’: an onsite-to-online success story

So often, so much of the content, creativity and resources that go into and result from exhibitions are lost to the public domain once the physical exhibition closes. This session looks at how Covid created a space that enabled us to look afresh at the relationship between gallery and screen, and an opportunity to create a new kind of content-rich online exhibition that enhanced the onsite visitor experience and dramatically extended public access to two important, complex and powerful histories. The session will talk through challenges faced and insights gained, and how they have changed the way we make exhibitions.

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Jennifer Blunden