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Jennifer Caballero

Marketing Director, Skirball Cultural Center

Jennifer Caballero creates and executes both general and targeted marketing initiatives to promote the Skirball Cultural Center and its programs.

She is responsible for multimedia promotion, cultivates in-kind and paid sponsorships, and oversees strategy on community-based marketing, branding, and market research.

Jennifer has particularly deep experience in promoting a culturally specific institution to a broad audience; prior to joining the Skirball, she was Manager of Marketing, PR, and Audience Development at the Pacific Asia Museum. Her first museum gig had her wrangling press and commercial photo shoots at the Museum of Science in Boston.

She is a member of the California Association of Museums board of directors, and president of the SoCal Museums executive team. She holds a BA in American Studies from Scripps College.

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In a region that attracts visitors from across the globe, and competition for leisure time in the form of beaches, theme parks and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, how do the communications and marketing teams working at Los Angeles museums overcome that competition and draw in millions of visitors each year?  Learn from those who are currently engaged in making Los Angeles a world-class cultural destination.