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Jiabao Li

Jiabao Li


Working at the intersection of emerging technology, art and design, Jiabao Li creates new ways for humans to perceive the world.

She works across nature, humans’ designed environment, and belief structures and creates works addressing climate change, humane technology, and a just, sustainable future. Her mediums include wearable, robot, AR/VR, projection, performance, software, installation.

Her work exists within and beyond the gallery. They range from performances in the wild nature, viral videos and websites that spread the discussions to a wider audience, to prosthetics that create intimate experiences. Jiabao’s TED Talk reveals how technology frames reality.

She graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design with a Master of Design in Technology with Distinction.

Jiabao’s work has been shown in Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, Milan and Dubai Design Week, ISEA. She was awarded STARTS Prize, NEA, FastCoDesign, iF Design, Core77. Her work has been featured in Leonardo, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Domus, Yahoo.

Jiabao Li