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Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson


For sixteen years Jim Richardson led a creative agency working with some of the world’s best known museums.

His work helped these institutions to encourage arts audiences to take that next positive step, converting a passing interest into a ticket purchase, a website hit into an actual visit, an appreciation into real involvement?

Through this work he became interested in how technology was changing audience expectations. In 2007 he started to document ‘what’s next for museum?’ on a blog, and two years later he organised the first MuseumNext conference to expand on this question.

MuseumNext now takes place in cultural capitals around the world, bringing together a community of museum professionals with a shared ambition to make museums the best that they can be.

In 2012, Jim developed the Digital Engagement Framework with his colleague Jasper Visser to provide arts organisations with a strategic approach to technology. This is now used by hundreds of cultural organisations around the world and the subject of two books.

Jim now splits his time between working on MuseumNext and delivering consultancy for museums and tech companies.

Jim Richardson