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Jioni Warner

Jioni Warner

Artist and Educator
International Slavery Museum

Jioni Warner Artist and educator. Currently working with the International Slavery Museum in education. In her work, Warner uses herself as the subject and creates characters to evoke the theme of the painting to form the narrative and experience. By using a range of mediums such as portraiture, collage, and photography Warner discusses the Black British experience and identity by looking at her position as a contemporary Black British woman.

You can view a recent exhibition here.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Monday, 18th July 2022

Black in the Museum: Taking over space

How many Black people do you see in museums? As Black British womxn in museums our triple oppressed position means that our voices in these oppressively white spaces are all too often pushed to the margins. But how are we tackling this? By taking over space and being the positive representation we want to see.

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Jioni Warner