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Joanna Salter

Senior Manager: Participation, Royal Museums Greenwich

Joanna Salter

Joanna Salter is Senior Participation Manager for the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. She has worked in the museum sector for seventeen years in education, digital and participation.

Joanna has a back ground in Fine Art practice. She is passionate about putting contemporary art into historical settings through residency programmes.

She spearheaded the RE·THINK participatory space at the National Maritime Museum. This opened up dialogue with visitors and influenced the ethos of collaborative practice in the recently opened new wing.

Joanna is chair of the Sustainability Forum at the Museum and committed to keeping environmental issues on the agenda.

Joanna Salter will be speaking at MuseumNext Sydney.

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Playing with Data


Australian National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is employing a data artist to ‘play’ with the data produced by our visitors and stored in the RE·THINK Digital data base.

RE·THINK Digital is a ground-breaking project to link, store and analyse visitor responses to digital and analogue interactives and activities across sites. The artist will be tasked with finding fun and expressive, ways to represent our visitor responses.

How has this residency affected how visitors interact with the galleries and collections and what impact has this had on staff and visitors? How playful can data be?