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Johan Lindblom

Johan Lindblom

Digital Communication Specialist
Gothenburg Museums

Johan Lindblom, Digital Communication Specialist at Gothenburg Museums. Johan Lindblom have been working with digital communication and development for museums and heritage organisations for more than a decade. Likes poetry and cats. Wants to make digital great again.



Johan Lindblom will be speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit :

10 principles on digital curation that will amplify your audience engagement

During a one-year R & D project exploring the digital experience at  Gothenburg Museums, they developed ten principles for effective and sustainable content curation.

No fancy tech, no big budgets, only using established digital platforms – but adding layers of creative and sustainable content strategies.

In this presentation, Johan Lindblom and Klas Grinell share their work, from strategies on user perspectives and design thinking to intermediation and transmedia storytelling.

Johan Lindblom