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Jon Astorquiza del Val

Jon Astorquiza del Val

Founder & CEO

Jon Astorquiza is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural affairs director.

Graduated in Fine Arts and with a Master’s degree in Cultural Projects and Companies Management, he managed Technarte International Conference on Art and Technology for more than ten years in Bilbao and Los Angeles. He has created an international network with cultural and tech agents and with international artists creating in art, science, and technology.

Jon has designed and set in motion impact projects in the field of Cultural Innovation. He has designed and organized artistic residence programs in scientific environments such as in Antarctica or the Astronomic Observatory in Roque de Los Muchachos in La Palma as well. He has also curated international exhibitions and events. He gives lectures and talks about the importance of creative talent and the possibilities about the impact of the union between art and technology. He also works in the design of artistic projects using advanced technologies. He helps companies and cultural institutions adapt and transform to the new models based on innovation and their development in the physical and virtual worlds.

He believes in this particular vision of Culture, in direct relationship with innovation and its real digitalization, and he is aware of the impact that it means, not only economically but in job opportunities as well. This Cultural Innovation impacts society’s development, boosting the cultural identity of regions and the growth in other areas such as tourism and industry.

In 2018 he funded ElektrART, a creative artistic collective formed by multidisciplinary artists creating and hybridizing with art and technology. With a futuristic vision of the art expression, they create immersive digital art installations, big data art, visual art for holography and video mapping, generative art, or virtual art for mixed reality.

In 2019 they were awarded one of the best five projects in Spain in the Innovation and Modernization of the Creative and Cultural Industries by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte. In 2020 ElektrART founded the LACTE LAB, a Laboratory of Art, Science and Technology for experimenting and researching in the union between art and technology and promote local and young creative talents.

His last artwork, SEACID, is a Data Art installation based on data from the Oceans that explores the relationship between humans and our planet and calls for responsibility to take care of nature. The artwork is made by the analysis of data sheets provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States and shows the trend of the last 140 years of temperature variations in the Oceans.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Voyage to the Metaverse. Next stop for Museums.

Museums cannot remain oblivious to the virtual revolution that the art world is experiencing in the post-pandemic era. Finding the balance between the real and the virtual world is the key to adapting to the near future. The Metaverse threatens to leave behind the great cultural institutions that suffer to adapt to the New Media. Museums must begin to construct their virtual twins, buildings designed based on bits in which the different mixed realities will generate new forms of interaction with the virtual public.

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Jon Astorquiza del Val