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Jonathan Biz Medina

Jonathan Biz Medina

Senior XR Producer / Partner

Jonathan Biz Medina is a game designer from Brazil with +10 years of experience in using video game technology to create entertainment, art, educational, marketing and B2B projects.

Having experience as a generalist game developer, product management and business administration, has been in all the different frontlines of virtual products development, working in more than 160 digital projects since 2012 for a varied range of platforms including VR and AR, and attended more than 60 different clients from distinct backgrounds.

Likes to take long walks in the Finnish forest, is passionate to learn about history and culture and develops mobile games as a hobby.

For more information, visit his personal portfolio website:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 8th June 2022

From Tinder to Virtual Timber

A virtual reconstruction of Finland’s previous capital city, which had a Great Fire in 1827, using the newest technology in video game development for the city’s new museum that will open in 2029. In this session you’ll get general advice on how to adopt the technology, understand how the digital maquette is being used to boost the creation of digital content for the museum and how the educational open-source approach is aimed to benefit the public and even other institutions.

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Jonathan Biz Medina