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Josephine Chanter

Josephine Chanter

Director of Audiences
Design Museum

Josephine enables audiences to access life enriching ideas. Beginning her career in public affairs, she has since worked at the National Gallery, Crafts Council and the Design Museum, being appointed to her current position of Director of Audiences at the Design Museum in 2017.

She successfully launched the Design Museum in its new Kensington building in 2016 which has since welcomed over 2 million visitors.

Speaking at Green Museums Summit 2023:

Shifting Climate Concern into Climate Curiosity

We know audiences care deeply about the climate crisis and think museums have a strong remit to lead the conversation. But we also understand that a tidal wave of sustainability messaging has left audiences with, at best, green fatigue and, at worst, feelings of helplessness and dread – both of which are the enemies of engagement. 

Through the lens of the Design Museum’s ‘Waste Age’ exhibition, this presentation explores what we can do to support audiences through the climate crisis in a way that feels important and worthy but genuinely interesting, sparking debate and further curiosity.

Josephine Chanter