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Josie Owen

Josie Owen

Junior Digital Media Producer
Natural History Museum

Josie Owen is an experienced illustrator with a BA Illustration Animation degree from Kingston School of Art.

In her current role as a Junior Digital Media Producer at the Natural History Museum, she has spearheaded bold and creative experiments with the design and delivery of illustrated content for the museum’s social media channels that encourage digital audiences to notice and appreciate the beauty of UK nature.


Josie Owen will be speaking at the Creative Museums Summit 2024:

Drawn from life: How to inspire social media audiences with the power of illustration

When illustrated posts on your social media feed help you achieve thousands of interactions, you’ll be amazed by how effective this age-old form of visual storytelling is in encouraging your online audience to look, feel and act. The earliest recorded illustrations appear in the cave paintings in 15,000 B.C, and they’re still used in our digital age to tackle local and global issues. Find out how the Natural History Museum utilises drawing to encourage their social media audience to take positive action for people and planet.

Josie Owen