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Judith Bal

Judith Bal

Senior Education Developer
NEMO Science Museum

Judith Bal is a Senior Education Developer at NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. NEMO is an interactive, informal learning environment in which the general public comes into contact with science and technology. Visitors see, hear and experience how scientific phenomena and technology play an important part in their lives Judith has worked on a lot NEMO’s digital education projects in the last couple of years. She started her career as biology teacher and combined this with working freelance as a teacher and education developer.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

NEMO’s digital education journey; come along!
You want your museum to be up to date but you get lost in the digital world? Cant’ tell the difference between VR, AR and MR? It was the same for us when we started developing our first app. Since then we gained a lot of experience. Let us be your guide on a virtual journey about digital media in museum education! Our first destination: the AR, VR and MR landscape, we show some good examples and explain the customs of the area. Next stop, a walk with a local expert who shares their experience in developing digital products and gives us some do’s and dont’s. Come travel with us!

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Judith Bal