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Justyna Droń

Justyna Droń

Education Specialist
Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka in Cracow

Justyna Droń is a theatre educator and curator of projects based on modern art, mainly focus on intergenerational education in museums created in a participatory process by general public.

Graduated Artistic Education in the field of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Arts of the Pedagogical University. Author of workshops, art lessons, accompanying programmes of temporary exhibitions of art, art walks and events in public space. Cooperates with museums, art centres and theatres.

Creates programme of local community development in art field in Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka in Cracow, where she is responsible of educational programme of institution.


Justyna Droń will be speaking at the Creative Museums Summit 2024 :

Theatrical Costumes And Beyond

The theatrical costumes of Tadeusz Kantor have been shown only once in their entirety so far. This time, the guide will take the audience to the costume warehouse and show them how they are stored. The audience will have a conversation with Actor Tadeusz Kantor, who will show them some costumes. The guide will explain how families were involved in creating a book about the costumes and how an exhibition hall was designed to showcase this mysterious collection of theatrical costumes to the public. In Krakow, in the year 2022, the objects became a pretext, a reason, for creative actions.

Justyna Droń