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Kajsa Hartig

Kajsa Hartig

Senior Advisor, New Media Department
The Nordic Museum

Kajsa Hartig (MA) is Digital Content Team Leader at the Digital Interaction department, The Nordic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

She is head of the museum’s digital content team and manages online audience engagement as well as internal staff training. She is also the author of the museum’s latest digital strategy. Her background is in the heritage sector, where she has been working on digital products and work practice since the mid 1990’s. She has for several years held positions contributing to the digital development in the heritage sector, from a national perspective.

Kajsa is the project manager of the three year Nordic research project Collecting Social Photography, which is developing new work practices for heritage institutions to collect and disseminate ephemeral social digital photographs. This includes looking into audience engagement around the creation of the photographic cultural heritage as well as developing prototypes for new collections interfaces. She is also research partner at the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University.

Kajsa is regularly invited as a keynote and often talks about digital strategies and transformation in the heritage sector, and has spoken at conferences like The Internet Days, Market Research & Insight Summit, Shift Happens, We Are Museums, CIMUSET / ICOM, The Relevant Museum and NORSAM.

Kajsa is the co-founder of the nonprofit organization IdeK, which delivers innovative training programs for non-profit, cultural and public sector.

Kajsa Hartig