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Karen Carter

Executive Director, Myseum of Toronto

Karen Carter is the Executive Director of the Myseum of Toronto, an innovative approach to the museum experience, and a new way to experience Toronto’s natural spaces, cultures, history, archaeology and architecture.

She has over 20 years experience working and volunteering in a variety of cultural and educational settings in Toronto.

She is the co-founder and Chair of Black Artists’ Networks Dialogue (BAND), an organisation dedicated to the promotion of Black arts and culture in Canada and abroad.

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Building a City Museum without walls through community collaboration

MuseumNext London

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Myseum is a city museum for Toronto that partners with diverse cultural organisations who own the collections for their communities, and collaborates with artists and curators to present exhibitions throughout the city; telling the stories of Toronto’s past and present, while imagining the city’s future.

Technology is a key part of this approach, as it has become the connective tissue that knits together the programming happening from the downtown core to the inner suburbs of Toronto while community is central to the organisation.

Delegates will leave this presentation challenged to go outside of the walls of their institutions and into the community to co-curate exhibitions, events and experiences in collaboration with their communities.