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Karmisha Reeb

Karmisha Reeb

Mission 57

Karmisha Reeb is a 21-year military veteran turned immersive experience designer who builds engaging, interactive learning environments for STEM fields.

As the owner and creator of Mission 57 Sci-Fi Escape Room in Monterrey, CA Karmisha was at the forefront of the escape game and puzzle-solving phenomenon, building (and testing) immersive gaming experiences in both custom-built environments and public spaces.

As the Director of Experience Design for Exit Lab Houston, Karmisha has continued her tradition of challenging people through immersive gameplay, notably through building the first escape room specifically designed to address issues of the Museum’s role in colonialism, theft and repatriation.

Currently Karmisha is a PhD candidate at NorthEastern University’s Immersive Design program in Boston, MA.

Karmisha Reeb