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Katrina Sedgwick

Director and CEO, ACMI

Katrina Sedgwick has been the Director and CEO of ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) since 2015. She was previously Head of Arts from ABC TV (2012 – 2014) and before that was the founding  Director of the Adelaide Film Festival for a decade where she established the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund and the cross disciplinary Hive fund.

Katrina is on the board of Back to Back Theatre, is a member of the Creative State Advisory Board, the Council of Australian Museum Directors and the Master of Cultural and Creative Industries Industry Advisory Board for Monash University.

Katrina is passionate about supporting and showcasing multi disciplinary collaboration and experimentation across arts and industry, and to fostering a museum experience that enables active participation and conversation.

Katrina Sedgwick is speaking at MuseumNext London in June 2019.

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The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

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Opening Keynote: Working through change


The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Katrina Sedgwick started as Director CEO of ACMI in Melbourne in 2015, arriving at the institution after a career as a festival director, commissioner, public broadcaster, and formerly as a theatre and screen performer.

Her journey has deeply influenced the way in which she is leading ACMI through a period of intense structural, organisational, and now physical transformation. In her first year, she had moved the staff offices, established ACMI X a co-working space, established new multi-disciplinary commissioning programs, and already begun renegotiating the institution’s relationship with government.

Now, four years later, ACMI is about to close its doors for a $40m redevelopment that is the result of that repositioning.  Despite not coming from a museum background, Katrina has advocated for ACMI to pivot from being a ‘centre for the moving image into a ‘National Museum of Film, TV, Videogames, Digital Culture and Art’ – in her words, a ‘new type of museum’.

This personal talk will focus on how she has been able to motivate, energise and lead change, and the challenges encountered, overcome, and worked around.