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Kelly Cannon

Kelly Cannon

Senior Content and Community Strategist
Gather Learning

Kelly Cannon (she/her) is the Senior Content and Community Strategist at Gather Learning. She works with museums and lifelong learning institutions to build meaningful online spaces for their communities to connect with each other around their mission, programs, and content. She previously managed The Museum of Modern Art’s online course program and lives in Oakland, California.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Tuesday, 7th June 2022

Fostering Your Museum’s Online Community

Over the past two years, many museums have experimented with wide ranging and innovative digital programming and in the process have gained new digital skills, content libraries and audiences. As museums reopen and attempt to balance in-person and digital programming, how can you not only retain your new audiences but also grow them and create deeper, more meaningful relationships among them? In this talk, Kelly Cannon will share concrete tactics and examples of building community online by leveraging programs and content to meaningfully connect your constituents, foster participation and a sense of belonging, and support institutional revenue goals.

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Kelly Cannon