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Kirti Patel

Kirti Patel

Haley Sharpe Design

Joining the museum sector in 2019, Kirti Patel brings extensive first-hand experience within the cultural, retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors to her work as a 3D Designer. Her unique background in commercial interior design 4 years before allows her to concurrently develop impactful narrative spaces and environments, whilst accelerating the design process through advanced material and implementation planning. With a BA in Interior Architecture & Design from Birmingham City University, Kirti has worked on various landmark commissions, including HMS Victory: The Nation’s Flagship Gallery (Portsmouth), The Old Courthouse (St. Louis), and the Grand Egyptian Museum (Cairo).

A dedicated storyteller and versatile design communicator, Kirti’s creative practice is grounded in her love for exploring unique and playful ways of bringing historic and cultural meaning to wider audiences. Working on unique and diverse projects, both in the UK and internationally, enables her to create a concept and bring a dynamic vision to life; seeing a design all the way through from start to finish. Delivering projects with social purpose for existing and emerging audiences and fulfilling visitor experience objectives.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Wednesday, 20th July 2022

Attracting millennials to museums

Museums are often stuck within their historic concept with traditional displays and standard layouts. With a new era of millennials and gen Z participatory ages now looking to the cultural and heritage industries to be part of their weekend itinerary, how can museums evolve to attract these new younger audiences into their venues and meet their needs and expectations in a society full of social media and digital experiences.

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Kirti Patel