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Konrad Ng

Executive Director, Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design

Konrad Ng is the executive director of Shangri La in Honolulu, Hawaii – a museum for learning about the global culture of Islamic art and design through exhibitions, digital and educational initiatives, public tours and programs, and community partnerships.

The museum creates opportunities for positive and progressive narrative change, inspiring the public with the creativity of Islamic cultures.

Before joining Shangri La in 2016, Konrad was the director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Asian Pacific American Center in Washington, DC, and a former professor in the University of Hawaii’s Academy for Creative Media.

Konrad was also the first curator of film and video at the Honolulu Museum of Arts and earned his doctorate in political science from the University of Hawaii, a master’s degree in cultural, social and political thought from the University of Victoria and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and ethnic studies from McGill University.

In an alternate universe, Konrad would be a competitive eater.

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Speaking at...

Radical Intersectional Museum Love in the Pacific

MuseumNext Australia

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

What would happen if museum exhibitions and programs started with questions like this: What experiences may be drawn between Syrian American hip hop and Pacific indigeneity? What may be revealed between the intersection of #BlackLivesMatter and Palestinian American poetry, or the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and Trump’s Muslim ban?

This talk explores how museums can be agents of positive, progressive and inclusive narrative change by highlighting the creative intersectionality between the objectified and the subjected. The hope of intersectional museum practice is to curate work that deepens and values empathy, and encourages and empowers critical coalitions in support of positive #resistance.