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Laura Hubber

Laura Hubber

Digital Media Producer

Laura Hubber creates audio, video, interactive and web content for Museum projects, including GettyGuide®. Her pandemic pooch Fuzz now thinks he can go anywhere people go, and he usually does.


Laura Hubber will be speaking at Museum Live:

Connecting Visitors To The Museum, Themselves, And Each Other

When did a museum last ask you how you’d like to feel? After the pandemic, visitors returned to museums with different expectations. Recent research shows that they now seek beautiful, thought-provoking, and emotionally powerful experiences. In response, the Getty Museum created Mood Journeys, an audience-centered experience for its GettyGuide® app. Mood Journeys doesn’t overtly teach about Getty’s art, architecture, and gardens but invites audiences to experience them on their terms by exploring moods or feelings, with some mindfulness practice built in. Through this unique, iterative offering, Getty aims to attract new audiences and reconnect with return visitors.

Laura Hubber