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Laura Loonstein

Laura Loonstein

Multidisciplinary Artist and Creative Technologist
Inkibit Immersive

Laura Loonstein is a multidisciplinary artist and creative technologist living in Brighton, UK. She is a member of Inkibit Immersive, a collective set up by Maf’j Alvarez of Root Interactive that aims to create space for playful exploration with creative tech, and support underrepresented groups in learning to tell stories ‘from the messy middle’ through new mediums.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Building a Botanical VR Experience at Kew Gardens in One Day

Ever heard of the Noble Rhubarb? Join our talk to hear how we created it in VR, in a playful collaboration over the course of a one-day hack at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Thanks to archival access to Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker’s body of work and invaluable botanical illustrations, we built a narrative based on the collection to tell a story in a fully immersive and multiplayer virtual environment, using a framework called ‘Holonspace’. Learn what Holons are and how they open up new possibilities to be creative with cutting-edge tech for audience engagement in museums and archives.

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Laura Loonstein