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Lauren Telchin Katz

Lauren Telchin Katz

Exhibits and Artifacts Program Manager

Lauren Telchin Katz is the Exhibits, Artifacts and Art Program Manager for NASA and is based in Washington, DC. Her role is to lead the agency in developing exhibition products and processes.  She collaborates with organizations around the world to tell NASA’s stories through exhibitions, objects, and artwork.  She is passionate about storytelling and creating meaningful visitor experiences. Previously, she was the Senior Project Manager at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.   She has been an adjunct professor in exhibition project management in the Museum Studies Master’s program at the George Washington University’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, of which she is also an alumna.


Lauren Telchin Katz will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

NASA’s Earth Information Center

In June 2023, NASA unveiled the Earth Information Center (EIC), part of NASA’s Earth Action Strategy aimed at amplifying NASA’s Earth science impact by engaging decision-makers beyond the scientific community. Existing in both physical and virtual space, the EIC provides critical information on how the planet is changing and affecting livelihoods across the globe. Visitors to the EIC at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C., can interact with Earth observation data and models through innovative exhibits and storytelling. Designed by an interdisciplinary team, the EIC is designed for multiple modality learning to reach a wide base of end-users.

Lauren Telchin Katz