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Lawrence Moore

Lawrence Moore

Chief Executive Officer
LARPing in Color

Lawrence Moore is the founder of the nonprofit, LARPing in Color, an organization that focuses on the supporting immersive gaming among People of Color.

LARPing in color provides advice on diversity and representation to fantasy storytellers, an area of game design where People of Color are often underrepresented.

With his talented team, Lawrence hosts discussions, gives workshops and works on outreach to the larger gaming community about how everyone can make efforts to be more inclusive and welcoming.

MuseumNext Museums, Games and Play Summit
Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Failing Forward: 10 favourite Museum game Fails and what we learned from them

We’d like people to be able to learn from game design mistakes like we did and be able to see the red flags when they’re designing their own games. Game design is always an iterative process and we can all learn so much from the unsuccessful games that came before us!! We’d especially like people to identify elements in games that they suspect might not work… and to confirm that they didn’t. The points of failure are sometimes surprising (for instance, it’s very seldom art and very seldom content!) But there are also some surprising places where failed games were successful!

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Lawrence Moore