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Leah Hirsch

Leah Hirsch

Senior Director
G4C Learn

Leah Hirsch is the Senior Director of G4C Learn, supporting students and educators around the world to harness the power of games and play.

Leah has a depth of experience in teacher professional development, game-based learning, design thinking, and project-based curriculum. Before joining G4C, Leah directed the Professional Development program at Math for America, working with STEM educators to bring inclusivity, relevancy, and social change into their classrooms.

Leah was also a STEAM teacher leader in New York City public schools for 11 years, and in 2009, she became a founding teacher at Quest to Learn, which uses games, play, and design challenges to engage students in solving real-world problems.

During her years there, Leah worked closely with the school’s founding partner, the Institute of Play, and served as a curriculum coach, a professional development facilitator at schools and conferences nationwide, and a consultant for school leaders interested in game-based learning.

Leah earned a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Santa Cruz and an M.A. in Science and Environmental Education from Brooklyn College.

Leah Hirsch