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Leena Svinhufvud

Leena Svinhufvud

Digital Engagement and Learning
Design Museum Helsinki

Leena Svinhufvud is Head of Learning at the Design Museum Helsinki having worked there as educational curator since 1998. She is an art historian and design historian, PhD, with Title of Docent at the University of Helsinki. At the national design museum of Finland, Leena has actively developed design education methods for the museum environment and currently she is leading the project for the new A&DO Learning Centre for Architecture and Design in Finland ( She is also working in the EU Horizon2020 project SPICE – Social Cohesion and Participation through Cultural Engagement (

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Monday, 18 October 2021

Digital Engagement and Learning at Design Museum Helsinki

Wondered how to translate physical encounters to digital? Leena will give examples of new working methods using digitality in a design museum – how to create new collaborations and to engage guides and collections experts to audience engagement.

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Leena Svinhufvud