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Lieven De Visch

Lieven De Visch

Coordinator Public Mediation & Exhibitions
Musea Brugge

As public mediation coordinator, museum storytelling is central. I work alongside and together with the curators on all major loan exhibitions of Musea Brugge.

I coordinate, initiate, organize and create visitor tools, guidance and audience programs at all of Musea Brugge’s exhibitions, tailored to the different audiences that are guests there.

In the museum’s curatorial team, we define and determine the identity and impact of our future exhibition.
From my position as coordinator for public mediation, the focus is on the target group approach and also how through art and heritage, any historical and art historical value can also be meaningful for all our (future) visitors today.

Central to this vision is how to engage every visitor today in the stories about the collection we tell and display. This ownership is the challenge for the museum of the future, which is a place with a low threshold, open doors and room for participatory and co-creative processes around its collections and stories.

Since 2010, I have been working for Musea Brugge on various projects and museum redesign trajectories, with an expertise in storytelling and (youth) participation.


Lieven De Visch will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024:

St John’s Hospital Museum: 800 years of care in Bruges

In what ways is a century-old museum collection about care and history still relevant and engaging to visitors today? The completely revamped Saint John’s Hospital Museum is not only a historic hospital from the 12th century, it also tells stories that guests experience and live with the heart. In an intuitive way, the museum develops attractive public tools that connect the historical collection with a story about 800 years of care in the city past and present. It also engages specific audiences in an museum operation about care and well-being.

Lieven De Visch