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Lilian Raselli

Lilian Raselli

Head of the Museum
Augusta Raurica

Lilian Raselli is the Head of the Open Air Museum Augusta Raurica (Switzerland) and an archaeologist. In addition to the overall management, she is responsible for a new future-oriented orientation of the museum.

For the past 4 years, the museum has received financial support from the Federal Office of Culture of the Swiss Confederation to initiate and implement innovative projects with lighthouse character in the archaeological park. The project presented here shows new ways of bringing the history and fate of ancient ruins closer to visitors using new media. After the successful launch of this prototype, the institution has again received funding for the next years. This should make it possible to deepen the skills acquired in the development of new offers in the outdoor area of the archaeological site.

Lilian Raselli has many years of experience in the – analogue and digital – reorientation and staging of historical architectural heritage. As an archaeologist, she has worked in various countries, but has also initiated and realized numerous exhibitions and events in Switzerland. She is particularly interested in the transformation of the museum sector, which includes archaeological sites, and the development of future-oriented offers for the visitors.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Monday, 5th December 2022

New Ways of Storytelling in Ancient Ruins

Bringing museum objects to life and chat with them? That’s not just a good story for Hollywood blockbusters! At the Stadtmuseum Aarau, Switzerland, this is becoming a reality. Thanks to new technologies, it now is possible to give collection objects a voice and a character. So why shouldn’t the objects tell their stories to the audience themselves? With an audio- and text-based chat app and an interactive radio play detective story, the audience gets the opportunity to question objects and enter into a dialogue with them. This way the permanent exhibition not only becomes more lively, it also invites the audience to literally get in touch with the collection.

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Lilian Raselli