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Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Digital Editorial Lead
National Museums Liverpool

Lisa has been working in the digital sector for more than ten years. With storytelling at its heart, Lisa’s current role is Digital Editorial Lead at National Museums Liverpool (NML).

Leading on editorial and social media strategy, Lisa works with multiple teams to reveal the stories behind NML’s people, places and collections.

This could be anything from commissioning an editorial feature about mermaids to capturing all the action at Eurovision’s turquoise carpet for Instagram!


Lisa Jones will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024:

Even a Power Cut can be Fun – Tone of Voice on Social

Just because you’re a museum doesn’t mean you have to talk like one, even when things go wrong.

It’s easy to wish people a Happy Christmas, post an image of a painting with label text or apologise for ‘circumstances beyond our control’ – but what about finding a way to be more human in all these instances?

Find out how National Museums Liverpool tapped into its playful, caring and emotional side, shifting how its teams use tone of voice on social.

Lisa Jones