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Liza Rao

Liza Rao

Studio Director
Gallagher & Associates

As Studio Director at G&A, Liza takes great pleasure in exploring the intersection of design and content in the breadth of museum projects the firm undertakes. An experienced designer and leader, she has worked extensively in creating both exhibit and environmental graphics, as well as corporate identity and print communications. She is passionate about connecting people to place through design and serves as a DC Chapter Chair for SEGD, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design.

Liza’s extensive experience at G&A includes dozens of projects, including: the Military Women’s Museum; the National World War II Museum, Cherish Nebraska; Tate, Etienne and Prevost Center; the National Museum of African American Music; the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, and the Jamestown Settlement Museum. She has served as Graphics Director and Lead Graphic Designer on a variety of projects, in addition to contributing graphic design and signage/wayfinding work to many more. Prior to her work at G&A, she worked with several architectural firms and designed environmental graphics for a number of projects across the country.

Management Development Program | Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania BA Architecture | University of Pennsylvania

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Kids as Collaborators

Kids are engines for creativity. By embracing them as a critical audience and collaborating with them in community-driven design, they can help drive meaningful content and interactives, adjust messaging so it resonates across age groups, and inspire new ways of sharing core exhibit themes. In order to connect with children as audiences and collaborators, museums and design agencies can partner with local schools. This discussion will share a case study where collaboration with local elementary schools inspired creativity in students, drove museum content, and improved the design of museum interactive displays.

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Liza Rao