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Lorraine Finch

Lorraine Finch

LF Conservation and Preservation

Lorraine has over two decades experience in the cultural heritage sector. She is Director of LFCP, a consultancy which provides digital transformation services in conjunction with Dgen. Lorraine started in cultural heritage as a conservator and has moved into digital transformation, digital preservation and digital sustainability by way of the conservation and preservation of film, sound and photography.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Monday, 4 October 2021

Designing for People, Not Things

‘Digital archives’ are dominated by ‘analogue thinking’: they reflect the physical embodiment of the institution and/or its organisational culture over and above the needs of the user. DCD Labs, a collaborative project with Dance Collection Danse turns this around. It puts the user needs at the heart of all it does. DCD Discover is the result. Built by the user for the user.
Follow our journey, from our start identifying the best in class digital projects, to our first steps in developing DCD Discover, what we’ve learnt along the way and discover where we are now.

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Lorraine Finch