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Lucie Howell

Lucie Howell

Chief Learning Officer
The Henry Ford

Lucie Howell is Chief Learning Officer at The Henry Ford, Director of Learning and Engagement, and board member of The Henry Ford Academy.

Lucie Howell will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024:

Acknowledging Causes. Advocating Change: The Henry Ford and Its Green Work

The Henry Ford began as The Edison Institute in 1929. THF pledges to embed environmental sustainability in its culture, operations and programming by 2029. Green initiatives including benchmarking and energy and waste reduction inform this work. THFs unique role among green museums centers on the culture change required to further sustainability. Success depends on acknowledging that THF’s namesakes Henry Ford and Thomas Edison paved the way for the Anthropocene. THF’s historical resources document that history, and exhibitions and public programs reflect that. This presentation focuses on shifting acknowledgment to advocacy through classroom instruction and community partnerships.

Lucie Howell