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Lucy Redoglia

Lucy Redoglia

Digital Marketing Consultant
Lucy Redoglia LLC

Lucy Redoglia is a Webby Award–winning digital communications and marketing specialist, working with museums, cultural institutions and other arts organizations to reach a global audience through social media and other digital channels.

Lucy has worked with colleagues across departments as well as external partners to produce excellent content and campaigns for renowned museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The J. Paul Getty Museum, SFMOMA, The Broad, and many more.


Lucy Redoglia will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

Cracking the Content Creation Code

Struggling to come up with content ideas? Constantly playing catch up generating new posts after hitting publish on the last one? I will walk participants through my formula for planning, brainstorming, copywriting, and publishing informative, engaging, and unique social media posts. Working with various clients over the years, I am well-versed in different tools for project management, drafting, publishing, and measuring KPI’s—all of which I’ll touch on in this talk.

Lucy Redoglia