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Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor

Head of Digital Content
Natural History Museum

Lucy Taylor is Head of Digital Content at the Natural History Museum.

She is an accomplished content strategist and writer with 10+ years of experience working with third sector, nonprofit and purpose-driven organisations on their storytelling and communications. In her current role, she has been supporting the UK’s best-loved museum to create advocates for the planet through an ambitious digital content strategy, plus refreshing its brand and tone of voice to reach the widest possible audience.


Lucy Taylor will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

From Prehistoric to Pioneering

What happens when you stop treating social media as broadcast channels and start focusing on having valuable, meaningful and playful two-way interactions with your audience? Learn how the Natural History Museum achieves over 2.3m social media engagements each year by focusing on channel-specific content strategies that deliver value for fans and followers. Get the inside scoop on our TikTok launch and how we achieved our first 1m-view video within three months, the lessons we’ve learned along the way along with the challenges we still have to tackle.

Lucy Taylor