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Maggie Latham

Maggie Latham

Art Educator
The Cleveland Museum of Art

Maggie Latham is a fiber artist, natural-dyer, and art educator based in Cleveland, OH. She has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and works in art education at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Using hands-on processes such as sewing and papermaking as well as colors derived from insect, plant and mineral sources, she highlights the importance of ecological awareness in our daily lives.

Both in her teaching and art practice, Maggie asks participants to pay close attention to the physical world and explore ways we can take part in positive collaborations with the non-human environment.

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Tuesday, 28th June 2022

Nurturing Inspiration in Creative Teams

As art museum professionals, we aim to inspire wonder, creativity, and connection for all visitors. Questions we ask ourselves often though are: How are we taking care of our own creativity? How are we helping to inspire each other and stay inspired ourselves? If we as individuals aren’t feeling excited or energized in our practice, we can’t possibly expect those feelings to translate effectively into our programming. In this discussion, hear about how the Learning & Engagement team at the CMA are tackling questions surrounding creative care in the workplace, and how that extends to their audiences through programming.

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Maggie Latham