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Magus Cagliostro

Escape Artist

Magus Cagliostro is a writer, producer, and performer of magic for festivals, performances, and television shows. His recent activity includes specialization in the production and realization of escape rooms of all types, designed to entertain thousands of people.

He has designed escape rooms for museums, incorporating historical narratives and art into fascinating and educational escape rooms for all ages.

Cagliostro teaches magic to both children and adults. He owns the Magus Academy, a school of magic with over 150,000 students of all ages, where he specializes in the merging of magic with technology.

Holds two Guinness world records for presiding over the largest lesson in history for the years 2012 and 2015.

Magus Cagliostro will be speaking at MuseumNext Sydney in 2019.

Speaking at...

Art of Escape


Australian National Maritime Museum

Let us tell you about transforming museums into adventurous, mind-changing, magical escape games, that turn the museum experience into something completely different. How is magic related to escape rooms? How can an escape game function as immersive storytelling? How can all this take place within the museum’s spaces – and how does it transform the visitors’ experience of the museum? A unique collaboration between the Israel Museum and Escape Artist Magus Cagliostro has made this magic possible.