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Maija Talja

Maija Talja

Climate Promise Coordinator
Turku Museum

Maija Talja works as a project manager for Climate Promise of Museums in Southwest Finland, a joint project of 13 museums aiming to develop their organizations from environmental perspective.

She holds a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Development Studies.

Since cultural heritage has loads of potential to function as catalyst for more sustainable future and Maija is a bit of an environmentalist, she is currently in her dream job.

Speaking at Green Museums Summit 2023:

Working Together Towards Sustainable Museums

Museums hold both the potential and responsibility to tackle environmental issues. But it can be challenging to find the best solutions to improve museums’ sustainability practices. In Finland, 13 museums have joined forces to respond to the growing concern about climate change. 

The ‘Climate Promise of Museums in Southwest Finland’ consists of concrete actions that improve museums’ environmental agency and make permanent changes in their operational models. 

Tune in to find out how the museums are learning together to reach the common goal.

Maija Talja