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Margarita Vilshanetskaya

Margarita Vilshanetskaya

Manager, Office of the President & Community Art Curator

Margarita Vilshanetskaya is a fiber artist, STEAM advocate, and museum professional based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

She received her BFA in Two Dimensional Studies and Art Education from Bowling Green State University and has exhibited artwork locally, nationally, and internationally for over a decade.

Currently, she is the Manager for the Office of the President and Community Art Curator at COSI Center of Science & Industry where she oversees the bi-annual juried art exhibition and other STEAM programming at the nationally ranked museum.



Margarita Vilshanetskaya will be speaking at the Creative Museums Summit 2024:

Genuine “A(rt)” in STEAM at the Science Museum

What is art? We won’t try to answer that! Instead, we will explore how to more genuinely incorporate creative arts into museum disciplines such as science and history. Too often we see arts integrated in subservient roles, e.g. using music to deliver science content. While this has value and can provide effective tools, COSI has explored new ways to enliven the A(rt) in the context of STEAM. Novel creative projects, such as a musical theater exploration of the solar eclipse and our community-generated art exhibitions, seek to go beyond the basic “art using” and inspire more authentic “art making.”

Margarita Vilshanetskaya