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Maud Dik

Maud Dik

Crowdfunding Expert

Maud Dik is a Crowdfunding and Crowdkeeping expert at Creative Funding, the advisory branch for cultural institutions of voordekunst. Voordekunst is the largest crowdfunding platform in the Dutch cultural and creative industries.

In 2022 she graduated from the MA Arts and Heritage with a specialization in Cultural Management, Policy and Education. She wrote her thesis on value realization in the relationship between cultural institutions and donors through a crowdfunding campaign. With this knowledge as basis she now supervises cultural institutions with their crowdfunding campaigns and individual giving programmes, with special attention to acquisition and retention of private donors.

To gain more knowledge on the field of cultural funding and relationship management she follows a traineeship fundraising, which gives her a 360 view on giving to the cultural sector. Lastly, she is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the communication for Creative Funding.


Maud Dik will be speaking at the Museum Fundraising Summit on 18 July 2023:

Crowdkeeping: turning crowdfunding backers into long term fans

Crowdfunding, known for generating revenue, also holds the power to create lasting connections with audiences and dedicated museum ambassadors.

Join crowdfunding experts on a captivating journey, where campaigns are the first step in nurturing enduring relationships with backers. Discover practical how-tos and an inspiring case study that could transform your museum’s future!

Maud Dik