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Maurane Ramon

Maurane Ramon

Clients and Communications Manager

Maurane Ramon is the Clients and Communications Manager at Thrive, the audience development organisation for arts and culture in Northern Ireland. As well as managing thrive’s website, social media and visual identity, she also provides practical communications solutions and support to clients. Previous to thrive, she worked as part of a music PR agency and has been using her skills in various music festivals and events around the island of Ireland. She holds a BA in Communications and a MA in Arts Management & Cultural Policy.

MuseumNext Digital Marketing Summit
Wednesday, 24th November 2021

Audiences, relationships and data: A love affair

Digital is the word that has been on everyone’s lips for the past 18 months. But it’s time to put the brakes on. Digital is the ‘how’ and success happens when you focus on the ‘who’ and the ‘why’. Creating lasting relationships with audiences must be the end goal for every museum: getting them to visit a first time, a second time and more, until they become loyal audience members. In this session, we’ll explore what building relationships with audiences mean, why audience data is the future and 10 practical tips for doing it yourself.

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Maurane Ramon