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Michael John Gorman

Michael John Gorman

Founding Director

Michael John Gorman is Founding Director of BIOTOPIA. A new life sciences museum for Bavaria planned for Nymphenburg Palace, and Professor (Chair) in Life Sciences in Society at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.

Previously he was CEO of Science Gallery International, dedicated to igniting creativity and discovery where science and art collide. Science Gallery spaces are in development in London, Melbourne, Bangalore and Venice.

Before starting up Science Gallery, Michael John was Lecturer in Science, Technology and Society at Stanford University. Prior to this he also held postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard University, Stanford University and MIT.

Michael John has written books on topics ranging from Buckminster Fuller’s designs to seventeenth century art.

Michael John Gorman spoke at MuseumNext Dublin, you can find a film of this presentation here. He will travel to Australia to speak at our 2019 conference in Sydney.

Michael John Gorman