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Michelle Harrell

Michelle Harrell

Director of Education
North Carolina Museum of Art

Michelle Harrell is Director of Education at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She leads an incredible team of educators recognized for innovative approaches to learning.

Her work at the NCMA has built upon her master’s thesis research ‘Interactive Technology: A Tool for Student-Centered Instruction in Middle School Art Education.’ She developed the ‘Flipped Museum’ distance learning model with Emily Kotecki to create a more active student-centered learning experience.

Current research centers around fostering human connections through object-based learning. In addition to her work in museums and education, Michelle is a practicing artist and advocate for mindfulness through visual journaling.


Michelle Harrell will be speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit 2024:

Immersive Gamification for Student Engagement

We present NCMA Explore, a project to develop virtual field trips to the past, enabling users to explore historically accurate reconstructions of ancient sites as they existed in their prime, from a variety of ancient cultures, and featuring 3D scans of culturally appropriate objects placed in context.

We invite you to re-imagine the museum exhibit: a space for visitors to engage with a curated set of artifacts, yes, but also a space for visitors to experience and interact with artifacts – and indeed, with entire cultural complexes – in ways that are simply not possible in the physical world.

Michelle Harrell