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Mike Trizna

Mike Trizna

Data Scientist
Smithsonian Institution

Mike Trizna is a data scientist at the Smithsonian Institution in the OCIO Data Science Lab. Previous to joining the Data Science Lab, Mike worked for 12 years at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History as a bioinformatician.

In his current role with the Data Science Lab, he collaborates with researchers and collections staff across the many units of the Smithsonian to pilot responsible applications of AI to their current work.

He is also focused on capacity-building data science skills for Smithsonian staff, fellows, and interns.

To that end, he coordinates the Smithsonian Carpentries team, with more than 40 Smithsonian staff, which teaches internal workshops on R and Python coding and data management skills.

Mike also co-manages the Smithsonian AI Interest Group, and co-chairs the global organization AI4LAM (AI for Libraries, Archives, and Museums).

Mike Trizna