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Milda Ivanauskienė

Milda Ivanauskienė

MO Museum

Milda Ivanauskienė is the director at the MO Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. Milda has a background in International and European Law (MA and L.LM) and has graduated from the Executive MBA program with an extensive focus on management and leadership.

After a decade of working in the legal field (including the Lithuanian representation to the European Court of Human Rights), Milda shifted her career towards building a modern and contemporary art museum from scratch.

Having started out as the Project Manager of the MO Museum – a museum without walls back then – in 2014, she became the Managing Director in 2015 and has been leading a steadily growing team of the most popular private museum in Lithuania ever since.


Milda Ivanauskienė will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024:

How can modern art help children take on the challenges of tomorrow?

Transforming the entire country‘s approach to cultural education for children in four years is an ambitious plan for a single museum. This mission has been a success for the MO Museum! Before its opening in 2018, few could imagine that an art institution could contribute to children’s wellbeing. Fast-forward to 2023, around 50 000 children have already taken part in the process. The key to success are the innovative methods used to help children develop creativity, critical thinking, social and emotional skills. All of these are vital for building resilience and nurturing children‘s adaptability to the challenges of the 21st century.

Milda Ivanauskienė