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Mohamed Kaba

Mohamed Kaba

Co-Founder of Griots

Originally from Ivory Coast, he got his degree in Padova and currently works as a mechanist. Involved in the first edition of Altri Sguardi, he worked as a tutor for the second one, bringing an important contribution to the development of the project thanks to his ability to bridge people with diverse backgrounds and the ongoing exhibition. He is co-founder of Griots.

MuseumNext Growing Audiences Summit
Monday, 9th May 2022

Altri Sguardi

Altri Sguardi (Other Gazes) opens up the museum to unusual interpreters of the exhibitions: refugees, asylum seekers, people with a migratory background.

The perspective is swapped: the participants observe, interpret and mediate the artworks, bringing their personal insight into the exhibition.

Therefore, through these different perspectives the visitors get involved in unexpected conversations and the museum turns into a space of openness and enriching difference: each and every participant offers his or her point of view so that established eurocentric and occidental narration get questioned by the difference of every experience.

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Mohamed Kaba