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Monica O. Montgomery

Co Founder and Strategic Director, Museum Hue

Monica O. Montgomery, is an arts and culture powerhouse, using creativity and social change as a means of bridging the gap between people and movements. Monica ​recently delivered a TedX talk in Charlottesville entitled ‘How To Be an Upstander’ challenging everyone to stand up, speak up and act up for social good. Monica is a museum activist, curator and cultural consultant. She ​holds a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Communication from Temple University and a Masters of Arts in Corporate Communication from LaSalle University. She is an assistant professor in the Museum Studies graduate schools of Pratt Institute and New York University, and an adjunct professor with Harvard University, creator of the course Museums, Public Programs & Social Change. She has lectured at Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, American University, University of Pennsylvania, University of the Arts, and many more.  As co founder and strategic director of Museum Hue, she advocates for people of color in arts, culture and museums, working nationally to train leaders and partner with museums to facilitate diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives. Additionally, Monica is the founding director of Museum of Impact the world’s first mobile social justice museum, curating exhibits and festivals at the intersection of art, activism, social movements. 

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